5 attributes of the best domestic airlines

We list the 5 points to look out for when choosing a domestic airline

Flying domestically has become much more affordable and easier than it used to be. Multiple carriers offer a diverse range of benefits with competitive pricing, to make flying a hassle-free experience.

Air Vistara

But flying should be about much more than just the cheapest fare! We list the 5 attributes that the best domestic airlines in India offer:

#1.  Increased frequency of daily flights across the country

The best domestic airlines are those that have daily flights all over the country, and who keep adding new routes periodically. A wide network and enhanced frequency of flights ensure you get to fly to your preferred destination, whenever you want!

#2.  Choice of cabin classes

Very few domestic airlines have more than 2 classes to choose from, with leading airlines offering Premium Economy cabin, apart from Economy and Business Class. As the name suggests, Premium Economy offers a lot more than Economy Class with more leg room, comfortable seating and a host of additional benefits.

#3.  Timely departure and arrival

The domestic airline you book may have a lot of daily flights on the same or multiple routes, but it is of little consequence if the flight is habitually late in terms of both arrival and departure. The best airlines ensure they depart as per the scheduled time.

#4.  A comfortable in flight experience

It is not enough to offer competitive air fares and a lot of daily flights. What passengers are most interested in is the actual flying experience. Nobody wants a seat that doesn’t recline properly, inadequate legroom or the same cold sandwich. The best airlines offer comfortable seats, plenty of legroom, excellent service, delicious meals and a wide variety of in-flight entertainment options.

#5.  A spate of rewards and discounts on booking flights.

Does the airline that you frequently book with offer you reward points or discounts on subsequent bookings? All carriers offer a dedicated customer loyalty programme with accrual and redemption options post booking with them. These deals could span a gamut of rewards – from redeemable points, discounts on bookings to better on ground experience.

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