Are you visiting Paris First Time? Read our Tips to save time and Money

France’s capital and the most beautiful city in the world, Paris is one of the most fascinating cities of the world and the top tourist destination in the world. Visitors planning to travel to Paris might find the task of dwelling there for the first few days difficult but with these tips which will help you explore and enjoy your stay there at as well as saving a reasonable amount of money, first trip to Paris is going to be a trip to remember.

Are you visiting Paris First Time? Read our Tips to save time and Money

How to plan your trip

  1. Try visiting at a time when tourists’ population are less

Paris is always filled up with tourists all year round but it is an established truth that during the winter, the population of visitors is fewer than in the summer. So it will be advisable to travel there then because the lesser the numbers, the less expensive things will be. Learn more about Paris city by clicking here.

  1. Try not to travel to Paris during holidays and festivals

Despite the fact that the winter seasons is relatively less expensive than summer seasons, travelling expenses are still very much high during Christmas, New Year and other holidays. So, even though as a budget-conscious traveller you are not travelling during the summer months, try not to travel during the festive seasons and other holidays.

  1. Try travelling during the first Sunday of the month.

The reason behind this advice is basically because there are a lot of free stuffs, especially museum admissions, to be enjoyed on every Sunday of every month. Several museums like the Musee Rodin and the Musee Natinal du Moyen Age, the Louvre etc. offer free admission every first Sunday of the month; so you can take advantage of this to see cool stuffs.

  1. Try booking a travelling package

When planning to visit a place like Paris, try making enough enquiries about the cheapest hotel whose services are also close to the best. Also try to search through the internet well about tour packages with less expense and also make inquiry about your travelling fare maybe from a travelling agents as well.

  1. Try Groupon and Living Social deals

At, Living, and other sites like this two, you can sign up for Paris deals which include fun activities to make quickly catch up with fun-filled activities so that you enjoy your stay there.

How to enjoy your stay in Paris

The most common airport for most visitors is Charles de Gualle airport. If that is the airport through which you enter into Paris or any other airport, take the train to the heart of the city or use the city’s airport bus or use the taxi. You can as well pick up a city map or make use of your smartphone to locate places as you walk or drive by. You can also navigate through the city by getting a bike to save more money. Velib program ensures you get a bike to browse through the city; just subscribe to the program and you are good to go. You can also make use of the metro system which is very affordable. Also, you can take pleasure strolling in parks such as the Jardin du Luxembourg and the Parc de la Villette  just to enjoy some good views and fresh air.

Paris museums are a must see for any visitor because of the historical evidences they house and admission fees are somewhat expensive but there are some that offer free entry and some offer free admissions on the first Sunday of every month. Search the internet for other museums in Paris that offer free admissions apart from those mentioned above. You can as well buy a Paris Museum Pass which is less expensive than buying individual passes.  See the Paris Tourist attractions map here for more tourist attraction sites in the city of Paris.

Shopping is also quite fun in Paris. Big stores like Printemps and Galleries Lafayette often provide discounts for tourists and you can as well get tourist discount cards which can give up to 25% discount off purchases. You can as well visit flea markets for bargain finds and quickie fun purchases to help you out on buying quickly. Monoprix, a French version of target or similar chain of stores which contains nicely priced clothing, accessories, and all things you may wish to buy, is also an easy way to make your purchases; just find the nearest Monoprix to you and shop.

The hop-on Hop-off bus tour is also a great way to see the whole city from the top of the open roof bus. Tourists are allowed to hop-on and hop-off at will and most epically when the bus gets to a stop. The tour bus has 9 major stops with tour guides in 8 languages available. The bus will take tourists through attraction sites like the Eiffel Tower, Champs de Mars, Louvre Museum, Notre Dame, Orsay Museum, Paris Opera House, Champs Elysées Étoile, Grand Palais and Trocadéro. You can click here for click here for Paris bus tours comparison to choose the bus tour that suits you.

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