Best Cities to Visit for Finding Indonesia Shadow Puppet

Shadow puppet is something that you can say as the culture of the Indonesian people. That is because you can rarely find this kind of puppet show unless in Indonesia. Because of that reason, the Indonesia shadow puppet is famous enough to attract a lot of attention from many people around the world.

Finding Indonesia Shadow Puppet

If you are also interested in finding the best shadow puppet shows that you can find in Indonesia, you will need to simply visit some of these cities in Indonesia since all of these cities are considerably rich enough of the shadow puppet performance that you can find all around the corner.

  • The first one is Yogyakarta. All of the people in Indonesia have known the beauty of Yogyakarta because this city offers you a lot of nice things. The rich culture and the best traveling spots are the things that you will find from this city. Besides those things, you can also make sure that this city can simply offer you a lot of shadow puppet performances. Even though the shadow puppet show is held randomly on many different places, you can at least find once a month performance of the shadow puppet show on this city. If you are lucky enough, you can find the great shadow puppet show on the city square of this city.
  • The next one is Solo. This city is becoming another major tourist destination that you can find in Indonesia, especially on the central Java region. That is because there are a lot of nice things that this city offers, including the shadow puppet performances. Yes, you can simply say that this city is a nice city to find a lot of performances for the shadow puppet, especially on the city square. For your information, one some occasions, the city square of Solo is full of the crowds because they want to watch the performance of the shadow puppet on the city square. Make sure you save the date if you want to watch he performance.
  • The last one is Wonogiri. Actually, this place is not a city, but rather a district that you can find in Central Java. This district is not that bog too, but if you want to learn a lot of things about the shadow puppet, this is the right place. On this district, you will be able to find the Shadow Puppet Village, the village where you can find the a lot of shadow puppet makers. As an addition to that, this village is becoming one major tourist attraction if they want to learn how the locals made the shadow puppet. If you are interested, you will also need to visit this district.

Basically, there are many other cities where you can find shadow puppet shows, especially on the island of Java. This is because the shadow puppet can be considered as an identity of the Javanese people. Therefore, if you want to see the performance of the shadow puppet, you will have to book a hotel in Java and visit every corner of the island of Java.

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