City guide of Gothenburg: best-off cafes & best parties

The Sweden is not exactly the destination that comes to mind first when you are young and / or broke. But Gothenburg, the second largest city in the country, could even surprise you. Yeah! It has just been crowned the most hospitable city in the world, outdistancing tourism heavyweights like New York , Barcelona and Berlin. Gothenburg is probably the coolest city in Europe and you have probably never heard of it, it would be a shame to miss! So, to make sure you do not miss anything, follow our city guide with the best bars, tea rooms, museums and so much more!

City guide of Gothenburg: best-off cafes & best parties

We asked a resident of the city to share with you his best tips and good addresses to avoid you catch-tourists and crack your PEL. Whether your kiff is the cheap beers, thrift stores, free activities or the best restaurants in the city less than 10 euros, Följ oss (follow us)!

The Best Independent Cafes Of Gothenburg

Not knowing where to drink a decent coffee when you arrive in a new city is often the cause of big headaches (would someone be kind enough to develop an app spotting the best places to sip a coffee? in the world?! Thanks. Kisses). Do not worry, for Gothenburg, we take care of everything: here is the list of our favorite coffees!

Kaf é Magasinet

If you like good coffee, the trendy “Indus-mais-chic” interiors and the beautiful Swedish hispters with a Macbook under your arm, then the  Kafé Magasinet  is for you. In addition, the food they serve is delicious (which does not spoil it!), Which makes it just the perfect place for a little brunch in sitting mode.

Alkemisten Kaffebar

This is the place to go if you want to see the making of a latte brought to the rank of true artistic creation! Alkemisten Kaffebar  is undoubtedly one of the best coffee shops in the city.

Kale ‘ i Kaffebar

A cozy terrace, a friendly staff and the most beautiful matcha lattes in Göteborg. At Kale’i Kaffebar  it is even possible to take classes to become a bartender / maid which is perhaps a very nice way to meet both locals and other travelers.

Bar Centro

One of the most prominent spots in Gothenburg,  Bar Centro offers an expresso that rips through the day and turns into an ultra-trendy bar at dusk.

Where to party in Gothenburg when you’re broke?

Bengans Record Store

Well, do not hide it … Partying in Sweden is synonymous with “it’s going to be the party of the wallet” is not in a positive sense. We all know the friend of a friend who ended up paying 12 euros for half a Kro. (Sad.) BUT. Because yes, there is a “but”, if we take the time to learn, we discover that, oh happiness, Gothenburg has more than one trick in his bag and offers a “nightlife” of madness and above all, cheap !!! And you know what? The natives really know how to have fun !?

Bengans Record Store

Do you like vinyls and neon signs? So, this old cinema converted into a record store is the only address you need during your stay in Gothenburg! With weekly concerts, album launch nights, movie nights and a bar / café, Bengans knows how to keep you busy for the night!


Pustervik  is just the most complete place to hit Gothenburg (in addition, the entrance is barely 2 euros, which makes it the cheapest club (it’s just a win-win). at the Jarntorget square, this club has just a number of dance floors and impressive bars to test in. Local tips: monday parties send just a pie with an enoooorme ping pong tournament on the track main dance.

Way Out West Festival

Okay good … With a ticket to 130 euros we can not say it’s very budget friendly all that, but  Way Out West Festival  will certainly give you for your money. Already, prog ‘always send, ALWAYS, heavy (this year among the expected groups nothing less than Lana Del Rey and Frank Ocean). In addition, this is one of the most eco-friendly festivals in the world, I let you imagine what it means in terms of quality of the veggie food served on site! The only thing is that, obviously the closer we get to the date of the festival the higher the prices. So think about planning this activity a bit early!

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