Life’s a beach: top selection of heavenly hostels from 3 $ per night

Imagine inns where you can sleep under the stars, hear the lapping waves from the window of your room … Too good to be true, huh? Well, no, we found the best hostels with heavenly beaches just for you! And besides being in super stylish places, these inns have this magical little thing that will make you dream. Come on, do not be shy, imagine a movie on a rooftop, 3 hours of happy hours, delicious and completely free dishes …. And all that for the fraction of the price of a hotel!

Life's a beach: top selection of heavenly hostels from 3 $ per night

If the rustic seaside cottages are your thing, then the Buccaneers is waiting for you. Discover this inn perched on top of a hill in Cintsa. For only € 11 a night you will find yourself at the foot of a beautiful beach of 15 km of pristine white sand and a forest that will lead you to other beaches all sublime. #Happiness.


This hostel has won the Hoscar of the best hostel in Belize. Free kayak sessions, pizza and rum are waiting for you !!! The hostel is also right next to a diving center and 5 minutes from the city center. If this little summary did not make you want to leave everything, we do not know what you need more! To finish convincing you, perhaps the best thing to do is to let one of their clients say: “I just loved it !!! A great atmosphere and a great staff. I loved it so much that I decided to leave the rest of my holidays on another island to stay in Sandbar. ” Promising, no?

Koh-Phangan Charm Beach, Thailand

The perfect place to go cruising at the Full Moon & Half Moon parties. We suggest you take a room in dormitory from € 2.57 per night (that’s € 15.42 per week, children !!!) but you can also opt for a bungalow with pool view or your own tree house (as pictured) if you decide to afford it. Before cocktails and pool barbecues are optional, but in our humble opinion, they are essential!

At Selina Manuel Antonio, you can enjoy both the beach and the jungle thanks to the National Park just behind you and the beach in front of you. How about starting your day with a little yoga session on their terrace (and in the middle of toucans incidentally!)? Then, a little head in the pool, it would not be a refusal eh? Especially during Happy Hours … (Yes yes this place really exists!

Onda Road hostel is the only hostel in the magical little town of Praia a Mare on the Riviera dei Cedri! Only a few meters from a beautiful beach you will find all the water activities you can imagine: snorkelling, cliff jumping from a natural bridge 22 m high. The breakfast with free pancakes, the swimming pool and the solarium make this place just perfect for a holiday in Europe but in paradise mode!

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