Meals you would not have thought of in an inn

A good meal in good company is essential for your health and happiness, especially when traveling. The anti hangover cure or after a bus trip of 36 hours or more. What you avoid the dreaded bun out of the traveler and meet new people instead.

Meals you would not have thought of in an inn

But did you know that you could eat a royal feast without lifting a finger from your hostel? From pasta classes in Rome to fresh fruit smoothies on your private beach in the Philippines, you’ve got the best culinary inns in the world. So take out your notebooks, you will have to take notes.

Picnic at the Beach – Philippines

Spin Designer Hostel in El Nido knows a department or two level meals to share. Their BBQ of the week or two picnics on the beach is the perfect opportunity to meet other travelers while savoring good local dishes. The icing on the cake: they are also eco-friendly, the decor is sublime and lounging a little on the large double beds dormitories to see.

Healthy Icelandic Recipes – Reykjavik

With the cold nights of Iceland, no wonder you have to rush on food to warm you up. For that nothing better than Reykjavik’s Icelandic meals, especially at the Kex Hostel , where the menu features lamb grilled with potatoes sprinkled with onions, a walnut salad with grilled hazelnuts & tofu, cooked Arctic fish with lemon grass, ginger & fish sauce. We are hungry !

Fresh Fruits in Paradise  Indonesia

You will be surrounded by fields of risers, banana trees and bamboo … Head to the hostel The Farm Hostel and place to simplicity: fresh food. You will have the impression of being in a dream with the famous dragon fruits for the best breakfast of your life. Also take the time to do one of Sunday’s BBQs.

Anti-Mouthwash Remedy  Paris

The bar at  St Christopher’s Inn Gare Du Nord is just huge, and the atmosphere can get slightly … How to say, lively. Good news, they help you recover the next day with burgers that kill. Perfect for sharing a meal with the friends you made the day before.

A French Toast Revisited – Philippines

A good little toast revisited with mango in the form of a crab, what do you think? Welcome to Noordzee Hostel  ! In addition, it is the perfect place to raise the level of your Instagram game. This 5-star inn even has its private beach (with cute wild pigs as everything) and hidden waterfalls just steps away.

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