Top 5 Innovative ways to Use Up your Valuable Air Miles

Is your “wallet” full of flyer miles becoming too heavy? Are you wondering about how to use them just right without letting them go waste? Read more to brace the top five tips that you can employ for the same.

If you are someone who is used to frequent flying or spending time on activities that add to your flyer miles, you must be looking for methods to use up your accumulated miles. After all, what good are flyer miles if you can’t redeem them? While there are many ways to accumulate loyalty points, you may think that there are only very limited ways to redeem them. However, this is not true.

Valuable Air Miles

Once you have accumulated enough flyer miles with your airline program and are ready to use them, here are the top five innovative ways to do the same.

  1. Redeem your Valuable Flyer Miles For Air Tickets

Once enough flyer miles are collected, they can be redeemed online through your flight program portal for booking flights. Convert your flyer miles for your favourite flight to your dream destination! Visit the frequent flyer program portal you are signed up in, search for flights after putting in the necessary details and log into your membership account after you’ve selected a flight. You can then choose to pay the amount in the currency of your choice or miles that are accumulated in your account.

  1. Gift your Flyer Miles as Tokens to your Loved Ones

Do you want  a loved one to enjoy an award flight instead? You can transfer or gift your award miles to your near and dear friends or family using this option. All you need to ensure is that they are also a part of the same program as you. And if you are still falling short of miles to help them get an air ticket, you can always buy flyer miles for them.

  1. Enjoy Flights with Partner Airlines Using Miles

It may not always be a good and possible idea to take the airlines just because you are part of their frequent flyer program. And airlines understand this. This is why you can earn and redeem flyer miles not just on the same airlines as the program but also on partner airlines. This ensures your miles never go waste.

  1. Shop From the Reward Storeto buy things on your wish list

Another great way to use up flyer miles is to shop from the online store of the program. Is it that Bluetooth speaker that you liked being sold on the aircraft but did not buyit last time? Or you need a new backpack to make your travel more comfortable? Now you can pay for all that with your accumulated miles.

  1. Upgrade your Overall Experience with an Enhanced Cabin Experience

Being on the flight, no matter how many times, is still quite an exciting experience. You can make your journey even better with an upgraded cabin than the one your original base fare can get you. Your air miles will help out in this aspect of your journey by making the “flight” even more enthralling.

So, hurry! Once your bucket is full of flyer miles, don’t fret and put them into use at once. Gift yourself and your loved ones an enjoyable experience! Make sure you enrol in a program that is sure to give you maximum benefits and privileges. Happy flying.

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