Where to eat in Madrid? The 10 best addresses

Madrid has a reputation for being quite expensive compared to other major Spanish cities. But do not fear valiant traveler, if you plan to visit Madrid, know that even in the center of the capital, you can find places to eat well without cracking your PEL.

To prove it to you, we have listed 10 good addresses ranging from tapas, from purely Spanish gastronomy to more exotic dishes. Must say that one of the curiosities of Madrid is the abundant offer of good culinary plans with the most varied flavors!

Drink a beer in Madrid

In beer we trust. Going to Madrid without going out for a drink would be almost a crime!

1. Taberna Almería, The Latina

Latineria, it’s just ZE place to be for a drink. So, the most popular program for a Madrid Sunday is to go for a walk at the flea market of Rastro and then go eat some tapas at Cava Baja. As a result, prices have just exploded in parallel with the increase in the number of tourists. BUT. If we decide to get away from the chaos of the main street, we come across small totally enchanting spots. Like this very welcoming tavern of Andalusian style. Come on, do not you try these slices of charcuterie for only three euros?

2. El Madroño, Plaza Mayor

Not far from the Plaza Mayor, there is this nice old-fashioned bar that is one of the best addresses in Madrid, otherwise called “taberna historica”, a type of bistro that offers the best family cuisine in the whole city. Are you curious about the city’s past? Coats of arms will help you learn a little more. As for the boustifaille: the rations are generous and of quality, on the menu: tortillas and other ancestral specialties. Prices have nothing to do with those bars overlooking the square.

3. El Indalo, Court

If you are looking for a bit of Andalusia in Madrid, know that El Indalo reproduces the philosophy of tapas in Granada. Makeskecé? Well, at each conso you have the right to a tapa of your choice FREE! It’s cool, no ??? And besides, if you have more battery, know that it is no longer a problem … The bar has an arsenal of chargers!

4. El Tigre, Chueca

This is a more and more chic area, but there are a few bars that have not succumbed to the modern world and keep prices reasonable. Right next to the square, I meet you in El Tigre. The atmosphere is international and very lively. You can eat huge plates of free tapas for a purchased conso. Basically, in two glasses you made your evening meal!

Travel through the plate

5. Baobab, Lavapies

If you want to vary the pleasures and eat something different, at the corner of the place Lavapies, know that you can travel to Asia or Africa without leaving Madrid. This is the most cosmopolitan area of ​​the capital, and there are a lot of Hindu restaurants, Burmese, Moroccan … El Baobab is a Senegalese address where in addition to feel like home, you can enjoy a menu tasting more than hearty and all for less than 10 euros.

Plaza de Cabestreros, 1

6. Extremo Oriente, Plaza España

This address is acclaimed by Asian tourists who come on holiday in Madrid. It is located in the car park under the Spanish Steps. You can eat there or take away. Again, portions are generous and not expensive!

7. The cocina del desierto, Chueca

Ready to take a bite of real Morocco in the form of a delicious tajine and couscous? And for dessert you will take a mint tea and some homemade honey and almond pastries?

Thanks to a fine and subtle cuisine but also an authentic decoration, it is really easy to be transported to Marrakech. Do not hesitate either to make plaiz ‘with hummus!

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