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You’ll always choose the one which is having the most amazing deals and packages. And anything which attracts you, you’ll surely go for that. Because why not who will spend like crazy and still settle for less. Dubai should be your go to spot for soothing and relaxing vacations. It’s all about which place is offering you moreand is taking care of what you actually need. You will actually spend a quality timein Dubai as there are many beautiful and tremendous places togo to. These offer you wide range of activities and assure you that you enjoy to the fullest and be happy whenyou are back and never regret spending money here.

Desert Safari

One of the most visited places in Dubai is the Dubai desert safari. This place has many activities for you and your kids. Dubai desert safari has its own beauty which can’t be described in words. There are no sufficient wordsin the dictionary describe how this place is until go by yourself and see thealluring beauty of thus desert on your own and feel the soothing vibe here deep in your soul.

What Dubai desert safari has to offer you?

In morning when you go to Dubai desert safari and you stepon the golden silky sand of the desert you’ll just fee that one of your dream has come true. The vibe will be just indescribable. Sitting under an open sky and having scrumptious Arabian breakfast. This all would be amazing for you.

There are many activities fir your kids here. After feasting on the activities, your kids will always remember this place and the fun   they had here. They will always insist you to bring there every vacation so that they can enjoy to the fullest

Camel riding:one of the most joyous and the bumpy ride on the golden sand of desert. Came will be there with a guide to make sure that you sit safely on the desert and travel along and see the huge Dubai desert safari.How it actually looks like!

Riding on bashing sand dunes: Dubaidesert safari has some large vehicles driving the way. This ride is such a good one. This ride will surely be trilling and an adventurous one. You are accompanied by a driver or a guide or an expert so that you don’t face any difficulty or safety issues. This ride will make you jaws drop and also you’ll feel that you are doing something you’ve never done before.

Quad biking: quad biking is one of the most adventuresome rides inDubai desert safari. This ride is mainly enjoyed by the teenagers and adults.

Bonfire and belly dance: sitting beside a lit blazing bonfire under the beautiful sky is one hell of a feeling. The vibes will surely sooth your soul. In evening the belly dancers make that you are having agood evening in Dubai desert safari by dancing on the  Arabian song making you all happy and cheerful.

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